Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you plant one tree with every deck sold?

A. We proudly donate $1 from every deck sold to OneTreePlanted ( where the organisation plants one tree for every $1 donated. OneTreePlanted have partnered with awesome reforestations partners in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa who help them get trees in the ground to restore forests after fires and floods, create jobs, build communities, and protect habitat for biodiversity.


Q. What was the inspiration behind the Sweat Roulette Card Game?

A. Sweat Roulette was created for all ages and fitness levels, to make movement more fun! Whether your goal is to be healthier, to enjoy exercise, to feel strong or to simply move your body because it's capable of doing so, Sweat Roulette has got you covered! And with other editions of the game already in the making, we're sure we'll have a game suitable for everyone!


Q. How does the PDF version work?

A. When you purchase the Sweat Roulette PDF version, you will receive a downloadable file straight away. From there, follow the simple instructions to print the cards, laminate and cut them to shape. The game plays exactly the same, you just skip the cost of having them professionally printed and bypass the wait for shipping!


If you have any additional queries, feel free to reach out to us on the Sweat Roulette Instagram page or email us at